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FeMeldoy- Melody from the NO.26 metallic element Fe. We just focus on the field of mechanical music boxes, 20 years experience. Will offer full range of mechanical music box parts such as Wind-up music box movements, Hand-crank music box movements, Battery-operated music box movements, Pull string music box movements, 18 note music box movements, luxury large music box movements , And also offer various music boxes, such as Wooden music boxes, Acrylic music boxes, Paper design music boxes, Baby musical mobile and DIY music boxes.




Sway music box movement

  • 1) Swaying music box mechanism

    2) Main Material: Alloy, Steel

    3) Music Core: 18 note musical mechanism

    4) Power: Spring power,

    5) Operation: Key winding

    6) Winding Shaft Position: Underneath or On side

    7) Special Function: Swaying mechanical device

    8) Key Styles: Safety Key or Other styles

    9) Size of Key: Customized

    10) Core Part - Drum: Standard 18 note pattern

    11) Core Part - Comb: Unique patented technology, Batter sound quality

    12) Hot tunes: Brahms lullaby, La le lu, etc. More than 100 tunes for selection

    13) Tune Custom: Acceptable

    14) Application: Rocking plush toys, swaying music boxes, Wiggle baby toys

    15) Matching Related Attachments: Special safety keys

    16) Packing: 200PCS/Carton

    17) MOQ: 600 PCS

    18) Unit Price, 0.99~1.99USD(Including shipping cost)