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FeMeldoy- Melody from the NO.26 metallic element Fe. We just focus on the field of mechanical music boxes, 20 years experience. Will offer full range of mechanical music box parts such as Wind-up music box movements, Hand-crank music box movements, Battery-operated music box movements, Pull string music box movements, 18 note music box movements, luxury large music box movements , And also offer various music boxes, such as Wooden music boxes, Acrylic music boxes, Paper design music boxes, Baby musical mobile and DIY music boxes.




Jumping Jack Music Box Parts

  • 1) Model Code: FMHS18JP, Jack POP-UP Music Box Parts

    2) Basic Function: Mechanical musical device

    3) Additional Function: POP-UP Device

    4) Level: Standard 18 note

    5) Operating Principle: Crank operated metallic Drum knocking the steel Comb

    6) Main Structure: Alloy base, Alloy drum, Metallic crank, Steel Comb

    7) Dimensions: 47x36x21mm(Not including the length of crank and the length of POP-UP device)

    8) Play Power: Crank operated

    9)Color: Silvery

    10) Handle Optional: Color plastic ball handle or Metal handle

    11) Tunes Resource: Hot tune: POP! Goes The Weasel.

    12) Tunes Custom: Accept to customize your own songs

    13) Music Notes Hold: 8~16 Bars, About 70 notes

    14) Music Length: 12 ~ 20 seconds

    15)Service Life: More than 5000 times

    6) Safety: EUR&US Standard, EN71(Part1~3), RoHS, REACH

    17) FOB Unit Price, 0.99~2.49usd

    18) MOQ: 1000pcs per song